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In the summer of 2018, our founder, Hamid Hamrah embarked on a mission to reinvent the way that plant-based medicine is dispensed to those in need of relief. He recognized that while every customer is unique, the desire for a warm and efficient customer experience is universal. As a result, he designed a retail experience that offers loyal customers a wide variety of medicinal products that we offer at extremely affordable prices—together with a best-in-class customer experience.

When examining how existing operators in other cannabis markets decided to focus more on charging high prices in the market, Hamid decided to launch with a more patient-centric approach in hopes of disrupting this unfortunate trend. Instead of focusing on cutting corners and corporate greed, he went the extra mile to focus exclusively on our loyal Root 66 customers. Our mission began with finding convenient and familiar neighborhood locations in the St. Louis metro area with ample parking and convenient access. From there we decided to design our facilities with elegant yet robust security features to ensure that our loyal customers may always enjoy a safe and comfortable experience. Lastly, we made sure that each of our stores were staffed with dedicated and knowledgeable team members who are as passionate as we are about ensuring that our loyal customers have an enjoyable experience with every single visit to Root 66.

In terms of product offerings, we wanted to continue our disruptive approach. We were fortunate enough to open the first dispensaries in the City of St. Louis. That said, rather than focusing on charging high prices when entering the exciting and new Missouri market, we chose to honor our commitment to the patients of Missouri to offer the “full spectrum” of curated plant-based medicine, including products that we offer at affordable prices. We plan to continue to fulfill this commitment to our loyal customers and to all new customers who wish to join the passionate and growing Root 66 family!

The last pillar of the Root 66 approach is a focus on COMMUNITY. All of the executive members of Root 66 are St. Louisans, and we are extremely proud of our City’s historic neighborhoods. We have deep local roots and personal connections to each of the local Root 66 communities, and we chose each of our locations for these reasons. We make it a point to hire those who have deep pride in their local communities, and giving back through community volunteer programs was a big reason why we started Root 66.

Thank you to all of those who call Root 66 home. We appreciate your loyalty and patronage more than you know, and we will never stop working to improve your shopping experience.

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About Us

Root 66 is the gateway to St. Louis’ premier cannabis shopping experience. Our shelves feature a meticulously curated selection of classic and high-quality cannabis products, catering to a diverse range of price points. Whether you prefer shopping online, in person, or with personalized assistance from our friendly and knowledgeable staff, our stores are designed to provide you with an efficient, safe, and hassle-free customer experience.

Whether you’re a first-time customer or an experienced shopper, our dedicated team of cannabis advisors are always ready to extend a warm welcome and provide best-in-class educational support to ensure your satisfaction during your visit. Come see us at Root 66, and we’ll have you stocked up and back on the road in no time.

Root 66 Team Favorites:

Our Store Managers' Top Picks

Discover the personal favorites of our diverse team of Store Managers. Each with a unique taste and expertise, our Store Managers bring you a curated selection of their top picks. From tried-and-true classics to hidden gems, explore the cannabis products our team is passionate about. Let our Store Managers guide you through their recommendations for an elevated and personalized shopping experience at Root 66.

Nick Boggs (Des Peres)

Favorite Consumption Method:

Rosin Concentrates

Must-Try Strain:

Chocolope. It offers notes of fruit and cake while delivering well-rounded effects.

When did you start working for Root 66?


Nick Boggs - Des Peres Store Manager
Senia Hasten - Dogtown Store Manager

Senia Hasten (Dogtown)

Favorite Consumption Method:

Flower is my go-to gal.

Must-Try Strain:

Burger strains

When did you start working for Root 66?

I started as a Budtender in September of 2021 and became the Manager at Dogtown in September 2023 😊

Patrick Topping (South Grand)

Favorite Consumption Method:

Full Extract Cannabis Oil

Must-Try Strain:

Blue Dream

When did you start working for Root 66?

January 24th, 2023 was my start date and I have been a manager here since the week before 4/20!

Patrick Topping - South Grand Store Manager
Nate Oswald - St. Peters Store Manager

Nate Oswald (St. Peters)

Favorite Consumption Method:


Must-Try Strain:

Orange 43 from Local & Ostara Rise Gummies

When did you start working for Root 66?

July 2021

Eric Ahola (Wentzville)

Favorite Consumption Method:

Low temp dabs of super terpy badders/rosins

Must-Try Strain:

Genetically modified Burger concentrate from Head Change

When did you start working for Root 66?


Eric Ahola - Wentzville Store Manager

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